Step by Step guide to Hiding API key in Rails and React

  1. Install dotenv-rails gem. This enables us to access the variable from anywhere in the app. You can either add it to your gemfile directly like below. Or type, gem install dotenv in your applications terminal.
If you used create-react-app to create your application, dotenv is already part of the script, so double check your gemfile to see if it is already exists.
Above are examples of what your env. variables might look like. (not real keys, I made them up!)
Your application might have a .gitignore file already established, if so, simply just add .env to it like above.
In the first image, I was making calls to AlphaVantage API. In the second image, I was using a stock_quote gem
stock_controller.rb and Dashboard.js




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Allison Anzalone

Allison Anzalone

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