Software Engineering With Flatiron

In the First Mile of the Flatiron program we were asked, “Why do you want to become a Software Engineering”

I’ve always had an interest in computers since my dad purchased our first family computer back in ye old age of 1995. There’s a picture of me sitting on my dads lap as he showed me all the cool things it can do. I have fond memories of playing classic computer games, especially the notorious “Oregon Trails”. As technology has grown, so did I. From playing games, to using AOL messenger, chat rooms to Facebook. Technology has not become ingrained in our life.

When I applied for colleges, it was time to answer the great conundrum every 18 year old is asked, “What the heck do I want to do for the rest of my life?” I have always had a passion for animals, I was working at a Doggie Daycare and dreamed of working with Animals the rest of my life. So, I perused a degree in Biology in hopes to make it into Vet School. Everyone tells you how difficult it is to get into Vet School, but I was determined, I will make it in.

Spoiler Alert, I didn’t make it in.

After being rejected from 3 different school, I had to ask myself “Now, what…” It was hard to start over, I applied for different jobs related to Biology, but without a master or doctorate it was difficult to land a career in Biology. So, I decided to start over and try something complete new to me. Computer Programming. I started doing it as a hobby, learning the basics of Python and Java. I found that I enjoyed it and want to make it into my new career path. My friend recommended Flatiron as a jumping off point as it has a good reputation and have many resources to find a job after the program.

So long story short, I’m ready to switch gears and start a career that I can enjoy and be involved in the advancements of technology.